Hi Guys ! I developed a new software for windows.

This time is something I made to save time for a lot of musicians (including me). It is an audio player with all the pitch/speed/balance features integrated, so we can practice over a song easily.

Also include the ability to loop a part of a song, so you practice only a certain part.

Here’s a video so you can check it out. You can download it from http://www.guitar-and-bass-software.com/eng/jamapp.html

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Ear training – Chords

If you are a musician, you probably are interested in ear training exercises.
Guitar and bass includes multiple ear training exercises. This video will show you the chords exercise of G.A.B.

This should be one of the first ear training exercises a musician should do, master if possible. Recognizing the chord type by ear is a fundamental tool, it will help you to learn songs a lot faster.

You can download G.A.B for free at:


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The Jam band

One of the features I’m really proud of is the Jam band. With this tool you can quickly write and try chord progressions.

Instead of talking about it, check the following video, it gives you an overview of it:

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Learn the fretboard notes

As a musician, knowing the fretboard notes is a MUST. You’ll be able to understand what you are doing when you are playing, and translate this knowledge to your own compositions and improvisations.

However, there is no secret to learning the fretboard notes, is just a matter of patience and dedication.

So, let’s get started with the basics, in this case, the diatonic notes:


If you focus on learning these notes on the fretboard, it will save you a lot of time later, when you decide to learn the position of chromatic notes (C#-Db, D#-Eb…) .

This means that you’ll learn these notes on the guitar fretboard:

Diatonic notes

G.A.B. Exercises

Guitar and Bass includes two exercises to help you learn the notes:

  • Exercise 1: In this exercise, you are asked to locate a note on the fretboard.
  • Exercise 2: A fret is highlighted on the fretboard, and you must answer which note it is
  • Working with both exercises will provide better results.

How to work out ?

That’s up to you. I recommend:

  • First, learning the open strings. (View settings)
  • Second, focus on learning the diatonic notes on each string, for example, work for some days only on the 6th string, then on the 5th and so on.(View settings)
  • Third, work vertically, just like you did with the open strings, but on different frets.(View settings)
  • Fourth, at this level, you just could run the exercise at the entire fretboard (frets 0 to 11).(View settings)
  • Fifth, you should run the exercise on the second half of the fretboard (frets 12 to 22). This step should be easy after a couple of runs.(View settings)

You should work out every day if you can. I think with 10 minutes it should be enough, just be patience and you’ll get there.


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First post

Hi, this is my first post. I will post stuff related to my G.A.B. software here.

In case you don’t know what Guitar and bass is, it is a FREE Windows XP/Vista/7 software for fretted instruments, such as Guitar, Bass, Banjo, and Mandolin. (New instruments and tunings can be added too).  You can check more info at my site:


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