Ear training – Chords

If you are a musician, you probably are interested in ear training exercises.
Guitar and bass includes multiple ear training exercises. This video will show you the chords exercise of G.A.B.

This should be one of the first ear training exercises a musician should do, master if possible. Recognizing the chord type by ear is a fundamental tool, it will help you to learn songs a lot faster.

You can download G.A.B for free at:



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15 Responses to Ear training – Chords

  1. dede says:


    Thanks for this great software.
    I noticed a little thing was missing in the Ear Training “Intervals” exercice : where did the minor sixth (m6) interval go ? 🙂 It is not present in the list of intervals, so I can’t train to ear it. 😉

    Greetings from France.

  2. dede says:

    Thanks for addind the m6.
    Do you think it would be possible to add an absolute pitch training ? Actually the fretboard exercices are almost this, but you see on the fretboard which cord or fret is played, where an absolute pitch training should show nothing. It could be simply done by removing the fret information in the “Fretboard notes exercice 2”.
    Anyway, that’s a good software, I will probably register it later.

    • gfsoftware says:

      You already have absolute pitch exercices 🙂 Check the Exercise manager. There’s one where you have to click to note played on the fretboard, and another one where you need to repeat the played note on your guitar

      • dede says:

        Yes, I know. 🙂
        What I mean is that it is easier to find the note when you see on what string it is played, cause you know the pitch possibilities of this string. An exercice without knowing the string or the fret played would be also interesting to work the absolute pitch training.

  3. dede says:

    Ho, and another little thing… 🙂 In the “Ear Training Intervals” exercice, it would be nice to have an option that enable some intervals to be played starting randomly with the higher note or the lower one. Actually it always starts with the lower note, if “Simultaneous pick” option is dsiabled.

    Thanks. 🙂

    • gfsoftware says:

      The thing is that, if the higher note is played first, that would theoretically be a descending interval. That’s why I left it like that.
      But I will add a option to choose to train ascending, descending intervals, or both.

  4. dede says:

    Hey, that’s again me, coming back boring you ! ;-D
    I found a bug in the “Ear Training : Chords recongnition” exercice : I added 14 chords in the exercice, and 3 chords buttons are 70% out of the window (can’t read their chord name), and one button is totally out of the window.
    In one world : the window size is too small to hold all buttons.
    Thanks. ^^

  5. dede says:

    Nice, thank you.
    But are you sure the new version is uploaded ? I can’t resize the window and the update date is june 23, 2012 here : http://download.cnet.com/Guitar-and-Bass/3000-2133_4-75337828.html?part=dl-6273797&subj=dl&tag=button

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