The Jam band

One of the features I’m really proud of is the Jam band. With this tool you can quickly write and try chord progressions.

Instead of talking about it, check the following video, it gives you an overview of it:

About gfsoftware

Musician and software developer.
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8 Responses to The Jam band

  1. richard says:

    is there a version that works with windows 7 64bit systems

  2. moverdrive says:

    Can you export to MIDI to use in programs like Cakewalk, etc?



  3. Rolando says:

    Some sounds do not work at all when I press the Test Button in the Pattern Editor. They seem to be missing.
    Also, can I add sounds to the library?

    • gfsoftware says:

      Hi Rolando,
      When “Use real sounds” is checked, sound sounds are missing.
      Uncheck the option to use the standard midi library. You will have all the sounds, but with lower quality.

      Best regards,
      Gabriel Fernandez

  4. Greg says:

    Where can I download Jam Band?

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