Hi Guys ! I developed a new software for windows.

This time is something I made to save time for a lot of musicians (including me). It is an audio player with all the pitch/speed/balance features integrated, so we can practice over a song easily.

Also include the ability to loop a part of a song, so you practice only a certain part.

Here’s a video so you can check it out. You can download it from http://www.guitar-and-bass-software.com/eng/jamapp.html


About gfsoftware

Musician and software developer.
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3 Responses to JamApp

  1. Hello Gabriel, just passing to remember to my requests:
    1 – Make the library in the same windows as the plaeyr.
    2 – When selet a file open the file in the same player window (not a new window each mp3)
    3 – Right mouse clik on playlist will open the folder where is the file.

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